This product is required for different purposes, like the juice industry which use it to sweeten other juices or aerated water; the quemistry industry to sweeten syrup and to prepared wine in countries where it is allowed. Must may be White and Red and Ordinary like the Organic (Biological) and Organic Kosher, made especially for Jewish community.

Technical features of the product

There are variable according with the client requirements or specifications, however we list them here:

Soluble solid: 60 to 70 Brinx Grades.
Acid: 7.00 to 16.00 g/l in ...acid.
Anhydride Sulfurous: 50 to 500 ppm.
Color: 70 to 85% NM to 16 Brinx Grades (white)
Precipitation of.....Salts: Normal until 1% in volume



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