This has been the activity that begun our company. The companies accountants, the taxes strategies in order to reduce taxes to the minimum amount possible. The liquidation of municipal, provincial and national taxes and their impact in the structure of taxes the other countries are activities made carefully to get efficient results and to do the duties of fiscals organism.

About the financial advising, banking manage, movement of resources of the Argentinean financial system, advising of financial foreign investment, movement in the exchange market and analysis and development of Fiduciaries Founds for determinate investment, are areas where our company is in able to accompany the clients.

About the investment advising, there are many people, who have in their activity money wit low return, and they look for new business to do. In the financial investment, in real state, urban and/or rural, etc., are concerns of our company and we are in excellent conditions for accompanying the investor.






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